14th September, 2001: Once again we find ourselves in the situation where it has been far too long between updates. Once again we apologize.

This time it is the fact that Shaun is in the process of changing jobs. As this site is hosted by his current (soon to be former) employer it will probably have to be relocated. We'll post an update once we know more.

Nothing new has been added in this update. Just a few typos have been fixed.

We will continue working on updates - there is still a lot more that we want to get on-line.


9th July, 2001: Yes, a bit later than the proposed 7th May update, but we've been busy and unfortunately the website had to take a bit of a back seat. We apologize to those who have been checking back awaiting updates; we're back on track and we'll keep them coming.

In the meantime, keep the encouragement email coming. We appreciate your feedback!

For this update we've finally got the first of our trip diary entries up, and there's a start to our links page. Shaun has added to his DR 650 page while Bart has included fuel economy data for his Yamaha XTZ on our updated fact's and figures page.

Let us know what you think.

Bart also developed his rolls of film, so we'll be able to add new photos in  future updates. Future updates will concentrate on adding more trip diary entries and we'll work on adding more links too.


23rd April, 2001: It's surprising how so little can take so long! Shaun has spent a heap of time playing with mapping software to plot our route on an image of Australia. The good news is that it's time well spent, as some nice detailed maps will accompany our updates covering the stages of our trip.

We've typed up a few diary entries, but they are not ready to put up on the web just yet... so, for this update, the main additions are the trip overview page, a start to a page on our bikes and some data on the fact's and figures page. There's lots more to do on these pages, and we really want to get some of the real meat - our trip diaries - on-line, so keep an eye out for our next update, which should take place in around two weeks time - around the 7th May.


17th April, 2001: We hoped to get much more done over the Easter break than we actually did. So, unfortunately, the update is not ready today. We should be able to get some of what we are working on up by the week-end (22nd April) at the latest.


4th April, 2001: The website goes live! We know the site is a bit plain at the moment, but we really wanted to go "live" as soon as possible. We are working to get some decent content on-line first, and then we'll worry about making the site a bit more attractive.

The next update is planned for Tuesday, 17th April. We plan to have some details on the trip (Facts & Figures), as well as some diary entries on-line.