Motorcycle Outback/Adventure touring Sites:

Rainers Australian Outback Guide

This is one of the first sites we discovered when we began research for our trip. Incredible photos, lots of valuable information and a very professional design. There's just one catch - the site is in German. Well worth a look if you can get someone to translate it for you. (Unfortunately, on-line translating sites don't cut it - We've tried.)

This site was the inspiration for us doing this site. Although, we probably wouldn't have bothered if Rainer's site was in English!

Horizons Unlimited A directory of web-sites similar to ours. Also has heaps of motorcycle adventure touring related information.

General Outback/Adventure touring Sites

ExplorOz Travel Guide & Directory Lots of useful travel related information, focusing on Outback/Off-road information. Good for getting the latest fuel prices.
Travelmate Similar to ExplorOz above, but focusing on more main-stream (ie, non Outback) destinations. Useful map-making feature, but it doesn't do very well with Outback destinations.
Lonely Planet Lonely Planet are famous for their guidebooks. We brought their Australian Outback guide with us, and it proved very useful, especially when we had to do some quick planning due to "forced" detours.

Equipment Sites:

The CamelBak Zone Nowhere is water more precious than out in the heart of the Australian Outback. Camelbak's hydration packs are the way to carry and consume water while riding. They are a quality product, and in our opinion the pick of the bunch.
Garmin GPS Products   Shaun took a Garmin eTrex on our trip. While it wasn't essential for navigation on the tracks we chose to follow, the unit proved to be a great product. It was reassuring to have and excellent for collecting statistics.
Acerbis Shaun used an Acerbis 25 litre (6.6 Gallon) fuel tank on his DR 650, and he's very happy with it.
HearingTech We used their ear-plugs on our journey. They make serious ear-plugs - you won't find cheap bits of foam here!

The plugs we had cut out the damaging noise, yet you could have a conversation without realizing that you're wearing them. A serious consideration for any motorcyclist.

UniFilter Australia Shaun used their 2-stage air filters in his DR, and he swears by them. Their air-filter oil is the best we've used too.

Useful Information:

Australian Bureau of Meteorology The official and best site for getting Australian weather related information and statistics. Not only can you get the current information, but historical information is also available. This is fantastic for getting an idea of the climate you can expect when visiting a particular place.
Northern Territory Tourist Commission Useful information for touring in the Northern Territory, especially if you have to pass through Aboriginal land.